TECHNOSUB Commercial Diving

TECHNOSUB® has years of experience working in professional dive at ports of Mexico.

Serving diving:
Fixed platforms.
Jack-up rigs.
Semisubmersible rigs.
Bridges, docks.
Sheet piles.
Berthing dolphins.
Hydroelectric power stations.
Nuclear power plants.
Drinking water.
Tanks or cisterns.
Larger vessels.
Ships and boats.
Suppression pool and green lagoon.

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Furthermore Technosub® specializes in:
Rescue boats.
Scuba NDT.
Diving for thickness measurement.
Applying magnetic particles.
Scuba acfm.
Submarine Court.
Underwater welding.
Underwater repairs.
Ship repairs.
Permanent repairs.
Temporary repairs.
Inspections for classification societies.
Diving tracking and rescuing people lost pieces or drowned.

TECHNOSUB® want to achieve to be leaders in skilled labor work underwater application, nondestructive testing and applied engineering, plus diving instruction, reaching and surpassing the expectations of our clients according to established standards.

TECHNOSUB® want to be the best option in the market for our clients within a framework of ethical responsibility, quality and compliance to the provision of our services or products.

Wherever there is water, under good or no visibility, there is TECHNOSUB® in the best way and with the best quality, so it is our goal that identifies us as a company of reliable commercial diving, covering the requirements customers with unique or common needs, meeting quality standards and customer’s own requirements. Also to be found at TECHNOSUB® a wide range of services that includes courses in industrial diving, commercial diving school in Mexico, diving monobuoys, diving in lake areas … among others as free advice and equipment sales commercial diving.

Commercial diving, professional diving, repairs ship, ship inspections, ndt technician, ndt test, professional diving, commercial diving, industrial diving, underwater welding.

TECHNOSUB® is a company with an extensive experience in Diving and NDT (calibrations, MPI, RX, etc.) performances in the best way and with the best quality; thus, we aim that you identify us as a reliable Diving and PND company. Our certifications are acknowledged by the major Classification Societies to carry out Underwater Inspections and Thickness Measurement.

Main Activities

Applicable to inland and offshore:

Commercial Diving in open water, deep sea, dams, wharves, docks, storage tanks, vessels, platforms, etc.

Underwater photo and video

It is essential for the performance of Underwater Inspections, since it is useful as a visual support. We provide closed-circuit television for a better fulfillment of our services.

Cleaning – We perform underwater bottom cleaning of marine growth through a high quality equipment (underwater cleaning machine) for a better finishing development of the vessel surface.

Polishing – A good choice to improve the vessel’s development. For underwater propeller polishing, we provide an excellent, high-quality operation (grade A).

Repairs afloat – We perform any type of temporary or permanent repair, either using weld, screws or any other means always considering the customer’s necessities.

Cutting and welding – Applicable to any underwater work where a repair, maintenance or construction are required.

Maintenance – We do maitinance to RE-32, welds and anodos, etc.

Construction – Rescue of pieces, surfacing sunken vessels, hauling and recovery of anchors.

Radiography – Gamma rays allow a highly reliable inspection.

Scuba in drainage and contaminated water



Magnetic Particles – This technique is used for external inspection to welds and plates (ferrous material).

Angle-Beam HAZ Ultrasound – This technique is specially used for internal inspections to welds and plates, in order to checking health.

Straight-Beam HAZ Ultrasound (Thickness measurement) – Applied on plates and metallic parts or any other type of material, allowing ultrasound transmission both on the surface or underwater, in order to knowing the wear rate of the material.

Penetrating Liquids – This technique is specially used for internal inspection to welds and plates, in order to checking health.

Quality and Reliability – Our extensive experience, technical and human support, quality of reports, and services upheld by our certifications with the major Classification Societies provide certainty and reliability to those who contract and recommend us.

Commercial diving, professional diving, ship pepairs, ship inspections, ndt technician


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